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Find the cause, treat the cause.

In Clinic and Online Consultations Available Now

I am able to consult with you on any health issue from your home or private space.  

I am happy to work with you wherever you feel comfortable.  

Online consultations with health practitioners are easy, quick and are for your convenience.

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Finding the cause of your health concerns.

I believe in treating the cause, right down to a genetic level, and explaining everything right down to the last atom. 

The body can be modified through the use of herbs, vitamins and minerals, and the body will respond to lifestyle modification to clear the problems arising from genetics, nutritional deficiencies, chemical and environmental toxicities and lifestyle factors.  

Naturopathy works to deal with excess, deficiencies, lifestyle illnesses, toxicities and other diagnosed pathology to treat the whole person, and give you the life that you have always wanted.  

By working with you to create whole wellness, body mind and spirit, you can live the life that you always wanted in the body that you deserve to have.

I work only with medical research published in peer reviewed medical journals. I only work with facts, data and scientific research and I do not rely on any other means. 

I use pathology testing through blood, urine and saliva to develop a full picture of the problems and treat according to science only.

I will walk you through every step and explain everything to you in the detail that you deserve.  I will spend the time talking to you about the issues and what we can do to resolve the problems that you have come to see me for.


The Practice


How I help

The Naturopathic Consultation

Genetic Testing

Heal your body, naturally. I am an experienced Naturopath and herbalist and a firm believer in a holistic approach to healing.

The human body is made up of the mind, body, and spirit.  All three must be in working order, so that a free flow of energy is achieved.

Working from the genetic level right through to mind-body wellness and lifestyle augmentation, true health can be achieved. 

Your concerns and symptoms ware taken seriously and we always work towards your goal for true health.  No stone will be left unturned.


Genetic Testing

The Naturopathic Consultation

Genetic Testing

Oral swab - no blood required.  Available for any age, including babies.   

For the first time in human history we have the ability to see right inside of our cells, into the nucleus and to decode the holy grail - our own DNA.  To find the good and the bad, to dodge the genetic bullets and enhance what is great.  To find out what your playing field is, we only analyse the genes that have the most accurate and current medical research backing the specific gene.  In doing this, we are able to work out the diet, exercise and lifestyle plan that works exactly with your DNA.  No more guess work, you will know your real self on a truly scientific level.

You can choose the company you wish to test through, including Fitgenes and SmartDNA.  The choice will remain yours and your privacy and discretion is assured.  All tests are done anonymously.


The Naturopathic Consultation

The Naturopathic Consultation

The Naturopathic Consultation

Naturopathy is based on assisting the body to heal itself through the correct elimination and detoxification channels. This is done  by ceasing what is not beneficial and starting or continuing what is.

Your consultation will revolve around your specific goals and needs.  The program that we work on will make enormous difference to your health. You will learn a new way to live that will work for you into the future instead of against you, making the years that follow enjoyable and physically comfortable. You will learn how to avoid many lifestyle illnesses that affect so many people, because health really is the true wealth.  Working with live blood analysis will show exactly what is happening in your body - your red blood cells and white blood cells, cholesterol crystals and uric acid crystals, bacteria and thrombocyte count and review for fermentation.  Seeing your blood on the screen will change the way you feel about nutrition and health - and water intake.


Weight Management

Male and Female Health Management

Medical Health Management

Say something interesting about your business here.  Weight loss is a journey that one must undertake, not a pill to take or a hope to make.   It is a true understanding of the self as a physical, spiritual, emotional and cerebral human being.  By dealing with every aspect of the self and the weight thereof, the journey may be a lineal one instead of a circular one.

We now understand how the gut bacteria and genetics can have an effect on total weight.  Our weight, how much calories we absorb and what we crave are controlled in part by both gut bacteria, genes and emotional status. Many things can be done to change how the body works.


Medical Health Management

Male and Female Health Management

Medical Health Management

Treat the cause, do not put a band-aid over a bullet hole. No one is deficient in panadol, in fact the human body needs nutrients to stop the problem from occurring in the first place.  When you treat the cause, you stop the problem from happening and set yourself free.  Food is our medicine or our poison, and this can be genetic.  We all know what works for one may not work for another, and with the technology we have at our disposal, you can know for sure, genetically, what works for you.  We can use food to change our gut microbiome and become healthier and stronger, and also happier.


Male and Female Health Management

Male and Female Health Management

Male and Female Health Management

Women are often told that pain is normal, that it is normal to experience period pain.  This is NOT true.  There are ways to regulate the cycle and stop menstrual cramps, pain and inflammation as well as ways to control PMS, which is not normal as well. and give you a true sense of well being every day.  Menopause is a natural process, it is not a disease.  There are many foods and herbs that can assist in a near symptom free transition.

Men, you do not need to suffer in silence.  There are so many ways to help with any and all issues in your body.  You do not need to leave any health concerns any more.  Your health needs can be met easily.


Babies and Children

Genetic Testing and Pathology Services

Babies and Children

Babies and children are hard work! And that is just when they are well. We all want to keep our children well and without illness or disease. 

 Being a parent myself, I am constantly keeping up to date on everything for parent and child through every age and stage.  I am passionate about the health of your child and prevention of illness, especially to avoid time off school.

There are lots of treatments for children to help with any health challenge, from a cold to more serious illnesses.

Understanding your genetic heritage can change what your child should eat, drink and supplement with.  For example, 47% of Ashkenazi Jews have MTHFR C677T mutation.  Knowing what to do with the information can help prevent the issues that a lot of us get stuck with over the generations.


Sport Science

Genetic Testing and Pathology Services

Babies and Children

With over 20 years of running experience, 20 years of yoga experience (and I am now a yoga teacher), I am dedicated to bringing out the best in everyone's sporting ability by enabling the body to come into peak performance.  By adjusting key nutrients you harness every cells ability to create a machine that hums with energy, just as you can turbo charge a car, you can understand the way that a cell works and then add certain nutrients to turbo charge our body.  This will ensure that you can not only exercise, but also have energy for the entire day, sleep well at night and repair properly, so that you can do it all again the next day with ease.  

The human body is designed to repair and the signalling for repair, and not just inflammation, must be regulated to get the best result for you.  This can be done with natural medicine.


Genetic Testing and Pathology Services

Genetic Testing and Pathology Services

Genetic Testing and Pathology Services

Live Blood Microscopy (Immediate) The Oxidative Stress Test (Immediate)

Fitgenes Genetic Testing

SmartDNA Genetic Testing

SmartDNA Microbiome Testing

Food Detective Food Allergy Testing

Nutripath Pathology Testing:

- DUTCH Testing

- DAO Enzyme Testing

- Methylation

- Allergy Panel - IgA

- Allergy Panel - IgE

- CDSA Stool Analysis

- Gluten Sensitivity Genetic Test

- Hair Mineral Analysis

- H. pylori Stool Test

- Histamine Whole Blood

- Iodine Random & Loading

- Lyme Disease

- All Hormones

- Review of general blood tests with actual explanation.

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